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We Produce Business Solutions for International and national Institutions with our 18 Years of ERP Experience.

We offer you the facilities we have produced in the fields of sales organizations, production, resource planning, budgeting and accounting.

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It is very easy to be the leader of your sector with Osoft ERP solutions.

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By combining our knowledge and experience with the latest technology, we produce pioneering solutions in the textile industry, OSOFT ERP is attracted by its effective solution in the world market.

Aluminum Extrusion

OSOFT Extrusion, which is an effective solution to ensure the expected quality in enterprises and to reduce disruptions in business follow-up, continues to be the perfect solution for production.

Accounting Cost

Our software, which produces practical and fast results with its new approaches in accounting and matches this with cost systems, powers OSOFT ERP.

About Us

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Founded in 2003, our company has taken its place among the leading industrial software companies in Turkey in 2021. OSOFT offers solutions in a wide range of areas such as sales organizations, production, resource planning, budgeting, accounting, e-invoice and e-ledger approved by the GIB. It offers ERP and special solutions to many sectors such as textile, aluminum, food, plastic and casting, and its prevalence in this field is increasing day by day.

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